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Isabella Grape Boutique started as a little old boutique in Southport, NC, in 1999, featuring "clothing for the distinctive woman" as well as unusual and high-quality home décor, gifts, and "oddities". Visitors were always amazed at the different and uniquely new items they could find, and were fully blown away at the gowns and dresses that we carried. From the largest gown company in the world, Jovani, to niche designers, like Attitudes by Debra, the cutting-edge designs were always at Isabella Grape Boutique.

Today, we are in Wilmington, NC still featuring Jovani, our #1 line, as well as other outstanding designers, like Terani, Tony Bowls, MacDuggal, Sherri Hill, Heather French Henry, (Miss America 2000), Dalia MacPhee, plus many others. And the designs are still cutting edge...altho, we now also offer more "traditional" designs

As we head into a new fashion year, we are once again breaking ground on "new and unique" with our offering of Warehouse Pricing, our line in the sand to rollback prices 10 years! You can't get gas at 2004 prices, or beef, or chocolate, but you can get that pricing on our gowns, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and accessories by joining our VIP Buying Club. We show you how to save money with your first purchase, and how to get even more money back thru our consignment division,Second Time Dress. Innovative programs, beautiful designs that range from traditional fabrics & cuts to edgy, fashion forward designs, Isabella Grape Boutique covers it all! Give us a call, or stop by to see us today!

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